Note: The venue for the Junior & Intermediate divisions
of the Chess Power Teams Nationals has changed to Avonhead School,55 Avonhead Rd, Avonhead
The senior division remains unchanged and remains at Villa Maria College. View the event now
The Champions Trophy for all divisions remains at Villa Maria College


The 1st girl overall receives a trophy she can take home to keep. She is also promoted to the next higher division in the Queen's Cup immediately following.

Girls that come 2nd or 3rd in their division win a medal they can take home to keep.

Girls who come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Queen's division also qualify for entry into the Champions Trophy for that year.


Each girl receives a certificate based on their results.

  • Merit Certificate for less than or equal to 3pts
  • Credit Certificate for 3.5 & 4pts
  • Excellence Certificate for 4.5 & 5pts
  • Distinction Certificate for 5.5 & 6pts

Special Prizes

Biggest Upset

Prizes are awarded to the girl that delivers the biggest upset for the tournament. Typically this is where a lower rated player beats a very highly rated player. The Biggest Upset prize is wholly at the descretion of the Organiser.

Queen's Cup Championship

The winner in the Premier Division of the Queen's Cup Championship is crowned the Queen's Cup Champion, has their name engraved on the Queen's Cup, wins a smaller version of the Queen's Cup and is also awarded the title of Chess Power Junior Master™.

The winner of the other Queen's Cup Championship divisions are crowned as Queen's Cup Champions for their division and win a smaller version of the Queen's Cup Championship Premier division trophy.

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