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FREE Sweet Saturdays Rapid

Saturday's From: Saturday 13 June 2020 - Saturday 19 December 2020
06:00 AM - 07:15 PM

Our FREE sweet Saturday rapid is on every week. Open to all kids aged 4 to 18. Join online on the Chesskid.com platform.

If you don't have a PGN viewer, you can use ChessPad to view the games above.

Step 1 Set an alarm for 5:45pm
Step 2 Log in at www.chesskid.com. A desktop computer is best.
Step 3 Click Play, Click Fast Chess
Step 4 On the right, click the Tournament tab
Step 5 Click Sweet Saturdays 6pm Rapid and click Join!

* You can only join 15 minutes before the tournament starts
* You will get 5 games – you cannot get knocked out
* After your game, just wait in Fast Chess for the next game to start



All players play in a single division with a time control of 10 minutes per player. Each game lasts around 20 minutes maximum.

If you would prefer a faster game, try our FREE fun Friday blitz 

Chesskid.com FREE Sweet Saturdays Rapid



Player Check-In: from 5:45pm
Start Time: 6:00pm
Finish Time: Approximately 7:30pm

The tournament starts at 6.00 p.m. Please ensure you are online by 5:45pm for tournament registration.

Entry Requirements

All players must register 

You will need to be a member of the ChessPowerNZ club on ChessKid.com. You can check which clubs you belong to by logging in to ChessKid.com and clicking Clubs on the left menu. If you are not a member and would like to be please follow these Adding a Guardian instructions.

You can only join the tournament 15 minutes before the tournament starts or later.


  • 1st overall wins the opportunity to play NZ Chess Champion Paul Macdonald in a match. The match will be followed by a training session reviewing the games played.


FREE Fun Friday Blitz is open to all players between 4 and 18. No adults are allowed to play.


All games will be rated using the ChessKid.com ratings system.


Entry Fees


Having technical problems?

  1. Try and use a desktop computer. Tournament Fast Chess is more reliable that way.
  2. Do you best to make sure you have a good internet connection. If you are on WIFI, it helps to be physically close to your WIFI router.
  3. ChessKid.com strongly recommend regular browser cache clears to keep things running smoothly. Here is a helpful article to show you how to clear your browser cache.

Can't make this event?

FREE Sweet Saturday Rapid is on every Saturday. If you can't make the Saturday night time, you can try the FREE Fun Friday Blitz on Friday nights.

Can't make the 6pm start time?

We do have the option to start late. Just join as soon as you can. 

Want a discount on your Chesskid.com Gold Membership?

Chess Power is an affiliate of ChessKid.com. Just enter the special code POWERNZ when you upgrade to receive an awesome discount. "Thanks Chess Power, you are the best!"

Want even more Chess?

Auckland Sarapu Cup events are held throughout the year every month. The events for 2020 are 2 Feb, 1 Mar, 5 Apr, 3 May, 7 Jun, 5 Jul, 2 Aug, 6 Sep, 4 Oct, 1 Nov. The Sarapu Cup Championship with be held on 6 Dec 2020.

North Shore Sarapu Cup events are held every month on the last Sunday of each month. The North Shore events for 2020 are 23 Feb, 15 Mar, 19 Apr, 10 May, 21 Jun, 19 Jul, 16 Aug, 20 Sep, 18 Oct and 15 Nov.

Emergency Contact

Paul Macdonald
021 0271 5577


Chess City Products

Chess City logo
On the day of the event, a number of products (Chess Sets, Books and Clocks) are available at special discounted prices for purchase from the Chess City Store. We accept Cash only on the day or we can take your order and ship the products to you at a later date.

General Enquiries

Any general enquiries about this tournament can be sent to Paul Macdonald at paul@chesspower.co.nz or phone 021 0271 5577.

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