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SuperChess™ is an awesome chess variant created by Chess Power. SuperChess™ gives many of the pieces super-powers making for an exciting and fast-paced battle.

The Rook, Knight and Bishop all get significant upgrades. If you are familiar with Embassy Chess, Gothic Chess or Fairy Chess some of the upgrades will be familiar to you. The Queen, King and Pawns remain the same as traditional Chess.

The start position is the same as traditional chess. All the other rules of chess such as check, castling and en passant remain the same as traditional Chess. White starts the game just as in traditional Chess.

The Chancellor

The Chancellor replaces the Rook. The Chancellor can move like a rook or a knight.

The Wildebeest

The Wildebeest replaces the knight. The wildebeest moves like a normal knight and also like an elongated knight combined. So it can move two squares forward and one square to the left or right and it can also move three squares forward and one square to the left or right.

Wildebeest chess piece

The Arch-Bishop

The arch-bishop replaces the traditional bishop in Chess. It can move like a bishop or a knight.


The really fantastic thing about SuperChess™ is you can play it on a normal chess board with normal chess pieces. Ok, you will get some funny looks from spectators and even onlookers explaining to you how chess pieces move. But you will be having a blast because SuperChess™ is super-charged chess at it's best. Try it for yourself and you will be hooked!

Here is an example game illustrating how SuperChess™ is played.

This is the start position of SuperChess™.

a1 / a8 - Chancellor
b1 / b8 - Wildebeest
c1 / c8 - Archbishop
d1 / d8 - Queen
e1 / e8 - King
f1 / f8 - Archbishop
g1 / g8 - Wildebeest
h1 / h8 - Chancellor
a2-h2 & a7-h7 - Pawns

In this example game, white starts by moving her pawn from e2-e4 and black replies by moving his pawn from e7-e5.

1.e4 e5

White moves her wildebeest from b1-c3.
And Black replies by moving his archbishop from f8-g6.

2.Wc3 Ag6

White moves her archbishop from f1-e3.
Black replies by moving his wildebeest from g8-h5.

3.Ae3 Wh5

White notices that her e4 pawn is under attack by both the archbishop on g6 and the wildebeest on h5. So White plays her pawn from d2-d3.
And Black decides to castle. Castling in SuperChess™ is done with the King and the Chancellor.

4.d3 o-o

White moves her other archbishop from c1-e2.
And in reply, Black moves his wildebeest from h5-f4. This is actually a check because black's wildebeest on f4 is attacking the white king on e1.

5.Ae2 Wf4+

White captures the wildebeest on f4 with her archbishop on e2. Because both the archbishop on e2 and the archbishop on e3 can capture the piece on f4, the way you would write this is A2xf4 (this means the archbishop on the 2nd rank captures a piece on f4).


And Black replies by capturing back with his archbishop on g6.

6.           ... Axf4

White captures again, this time using the archbishop on e3.


And Black recaptures with the e5 pawn.

7.           ... exf4

Now White surprises her opponent by capturing the f4-pawn with the wildebeest on c3. White has successfully won a pawn! The exclamation mark in the notation below means this was an excellent move.
Black responds by moving his wildebeest from b8-c6.

8.Wxf4! Wc6

White now moves her queen from d1-g4 threatening a checkmate on g7. Note both the queen on g4 and the wildebeest on f4 are attacking g7.
Black responds by protecting g7 by moving his queen to f6.

9.Qg4 Qf6

White now surprises her opponent again with a nice double-attack! White moves her wildebeest from f4-h5 attacking both the queen on f6 and the king on g8. Fantastic move!
With the realisation that black is losing his queen, black resigns the game. Here is the full game score...

1.e4 e5
2.Wc3 Ag6
3.Ae3 Wh5
4.d3 o-o
5.Ae2 Wf4+
6.A2xf4 Axf4
7.Axf4 exf4
8.Wxf4! Wc6
9.Qg4 Qf6

Give SuperChess™ a try. It is a lot of fun to play and you are guaranteed an exciting game. If you have any questions or you would like to send us one of your amazing games, email

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